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  • Welcome to Language Fun Barbados

    Since 2017, Language Fun Barbados has been offering FUN, French Immersion programs to children 2 - 10 years old in Barbados. Let your child's imagination soar with stuffed animal pals as they explore the world of French language through exciting scenarios, songs, and games.
  • What Parents Say About Us

    • Signing up with LANGUAGE FUN BARBADOS is a decision we will forever treasure!

      Our son attends the 3-5 age group French programme at LANGUAGE FUN BARBADOS. He absolutely enjoys it! Whenever he whines about going to school on a Monday, he always says BUT I want to go to French with Auntie Leandra. He loves the interactive nature of the sessions…The creative and fun approach used to teach our kids a new language is unique and admirable. It is VALUE for money!

      Tassiea Bryan
      Mother of 5 yr old
    • I love the class and I rave about it all the time. I have seen so many changes in him too and he is so excited about going to his class that it is all he talks about all week. When we were in Florida a few weeks back and driving to Orlando, he was singing his songs.

      My 3 year old can count from 1 to 10, he knows the animals in French, his colours and can carry on a simple conversation. I’m so proud of him and happy with this program. Leandra is the best! We will do it again next year!

      This is the best language program for children!

      Dava Leslie
      Mother of a 3 yr old
    • The use of props, songs and physical interaction during the class was well used and liked by not only my daughter but the entire class. This helped to maintain her attention span, as much as you can with a 3 year old!

      Our daughter has grown to like the class and often starts talking about the songs or repeats in French what she has learned over the months. The fact that it comes from her, without being prompted, shows me that not only she has enjoyed herself, but she has also learned a lot in a fun and memorable way.

      Nathalie Ferguson
      Mother of 3 yr old
    • Nathan enjoys the class. I think one of the best things about it is that it is more like being in playgroup vs a classroom. He gets to play but learn something at the same time. I have also noted that he spontaneously uses French words at home. One example is an evening when we were driving along and passed some cows grazing, he excitedly exclaimed “Look mummy, la vache

      I would recommend Language Fun Barbados to anyone who wants their child to learn a second language. Auntie Leandra does an excellent job!

      Dr. Asha Drakes
      Mother of 3 yr old
    • From my very first contact with Leandra, I felt comfortable that French immersion for my children; with her; would be a worthwhile decision. It has NOT been regretted!

      Leandra’s enthusiasm and passion for what she does is evident. Given these two characteristics, I believed that my children could learn well from her and thus did not have any reservations about enrolling them.

      My son and daughter look forward to their sessions with Aunty Leandra! Each session is very practical and builds on the previous one in highly interactive and fun ways. I love how child-centred Language Fun Barbados is in its approach to French immersion!

      Sasha Gill
      Mother of 6 yr & 9 yr olds
    • Max has done so well in the program . He has loved learning French. I love how the program is done through play and engaging songs and games.

      We sat in at the end of his first term on a class that all of the parents were invited to and it was so great to observe all of the children being immersed in the language. Mrs. King speaks to them in complete French…for the entire duration of the hour, which is something that I can’t give them at home when I’m teaching them French, so I really appreciate that about the class.

      And in general, I’ve just found Leandra to be a very attentive and caring teacher, she’s gone out of her way to make sure that Max is comfortable in the class.

      Melanie Ryttersgaard
      Mother of 4 yr old
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    • Abeille
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      • 7 - 10 yrs
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