• How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

  • Welcome to Language Fun Barbados

    Founded in 2017, Language Fun Barbados offers extracurricular program where children ages 1 – 10 are immersed in the French language using our play-based curricula. We believe in learning language from young and appreciate how knowing a language will open doors to opportunities in the future for your child.
    Why LOVE us? Here are 6 reasons:
    • Well-designed curriculum

      With our play-based curriculum, your child can pick up the French language while having fun

    • Classes taught in target language

      Classes are taught in the target language (90%+) so that your child is immersed in natural French language.

    • Small class sizes

      Our class sizes are purposely kept small to ensure good classroom management and individualized attention for your child

    • Friendly, positive environment

      This is a friendly, welcoming class which will put your child at ease and encourage them to feel accomplished with their progress in French

    • Variety of age-appropriate activities

      With a variety of activities such as pretend play, games, songs, movement, crafts your child is always engaged

    • Communication with parents

      Using a special communication app, you will always be kept updated with what we’re doing each week.

  • Signing up with LANGUAGE FUN BARBADOS is a decision we will forever treasure!

    Our son attends the 3-5 age group French programme at LANGUAGE FUN BARBADOS. He absolutely enjoys it! Whenever he whines about going to school on a Monday, he always says BUT I want to go to French with Auntie Leandra. He loves the interactive nature of the sessions with the use of stories like The Little Red Hen (in French), the use of puppets, songs, activities and games, like Bingo. What is more is that the kids actually learn the language!

    With my training as a Teacher, I say unreservedly: the programme is amazing! It is well structured and sessions are highly organised. The creative and fun approach used to teach our kids a new language is unique and admirable. It is VALUE for money! As parents we are kept informed of the curriculum for each term and provided with updates on class activities. We also get to see our little ones in action at the end of each term.

    — Tassiea Bryan (Attorney-at-Law)
  • Our classes

    • Papillon
      • 8
        Class size
      • 1- 3
        Years old
    • Etoile
      • 8
        Class size
      • 3 - 5
        Years old
    • Soleil
      • 8
        Class size
      • 5 - 7
        Years old
    • Abeille
      • 8
        Class size
      • 7 - 10
        Years old
  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

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