About Language Fun Barbados

  • What makes our program so special?

    • Songs

      1. Songs – Our songs help to teach the main French expressions. Trust me, there are so catchy your son/daughter will be singing and humming them long after French class is over!

    • Characters

      Stuffed animals – Your child is sure to love our two furry friends, Minia and Yaroslav. Can you believe even the older kids sometimes bicker over which one gets to be on their team?

    • Games

      Our games reinforce the learning concepts and are easy to play. They will help your child improve his/her listening and concentration skills, while still having fun!

    • Flashcards and Props

      Flashcards and Props – By using images and toys, we teach vocabulary to your child without relying on ineffective translation methods like at school. Plus it’s a lot more fun to have toys in the class!

    • Worksheets

      Worksheets – Our worksheets are a fun way to revise the language concepts and something for your child to take home and show what concept they’ve been learning.

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  • Meet the Teacher 


    Salut! Je m’appelle Leandra. J’espère avoir le plaisir d’accueillir votre enfant dans ma classe!

    About Leandra

    Hi there. I’m Leandra, founder and teacher at Language Fun Barbados.

    After my first term at secondary school, I told my mum I hated French and I couldn’t wait to drop the subject. Fast forward, more than 15 years later and I live, eat and breathe everything French. What changed? I had an amazing teacher in my second year of school: she spoke to us completely in French and did many fun activities. French was no longer a boring and difficult subject for me.

    I want to be this teacher for your child. I’ve seen the huge benefits learning French has brought me personally, from the work abroad experiences to the amazing people I’ve met, to a culture I’ve come to love and experience. I want the same for your child. I want these amazing opportunities for your child as he or she grows older.

    This love of French propelled me to continue my studies in the language here in Barbados. After my university studies, I had the amazing experience of living and working for the French Ministry of Education at two secondary schools in the French Island of Martinique for 8 months. Since returning to Barbados, I’ve taught at a secondary institution, a private academic institution, the Alliance Française and privately.

    In 2017, I founded Language Fun Barbados and was able to marry two of my passions: French education and children. Since founding Language Fun Barbados, I’ve taught approximately 50 kids. It is my PASSION and I truly enjoy teaching them and making a difference in their future.

    I hope to have the priviledge of teaching your child. J’espère avoir le privilège d’enseigner votre enfant.

  • Why learn a foreign language?

    I’ve personally seen how knowing a language has opened up many opportunities to me and how I’ve been able to transcend physical borders. That’s why it’s my desire to share this with young children so that they too will have these opportunities ahead of them as they grow older.


    Research has shown that children who speak a second language tend to show more development in their cognitive (thinking ) skills, social skills and learning in general.

    • Competitive edge in excelling in school
    • Future study and work abroad opportunities
    • Travel opportunities
    • Networking with people around the world.
    • This can make for an enriching life!   
  • Invest in your child’s future by giving them the gift of French

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