Have you always dreamt of having a bilingual child?

Imagine how impressed all the other mums and dads will be when they hear your child speaking in French!

Can you relate?

You know it’s important for your child to learn a second language and know the benefits he’ll get now and even in the future. He will improve his thinking ability, perform better at school and have great study abroad and career options as he gets older, just to name a few.

  • Your French is absolutely dreadful and you butcher the language. You can barely say “Bonjour” properly, far less give your child a full immersion experience. You don’t even know where to start.


  • You speak some French or it’s your native language but finding effective resources is so time consuming since you’re a busy parent. Or maybe teaching just isn’t your thing and getting your child motivated about learning your native language is like pushing a boulder up Rendez-vous Hill!

Whether you speak French or not, you don’t want your child bawling his/her eyes out, begging you NOT to do French because it will be so boring.

“Please mum, not another French lesson!”

You want a program where your child will not only learn and progress in French but have FUN doing so.

We have the perfect solution to that

Introducing Language Fun Barbados’ FRENCH IMMERSION PROGRAM

A French Immersion Program where your child will learn French in a fun, effective way and ACTUALLY make progress, starting from as early as 18 months up until 10 years old

Many Barbadian children are benefitting from this program and so can your child.

Meet Ahren

Just a year ago, Ahren was a shy toddler. He wouldn’t even get off of his mum’s lap in class, far less participate. He would hide under his mum’s arm with a cute grin on his face, even as the toys were being used in class. Fast forward 3 terms later, Ahren is fully participating in class activities, spontaneously counting in French and responding with a “merci” without even being prompted (a total 180 degree change.)

Here’s what his mum, Dava Leslie, had to say about his progress:

I love the class and I rave about it all the time. I have seen so many changes in him too and he is so excited about going to his class that it is all he talks about all week. When we were in Florida a few weeks back and driving to Orlando, he was singing his songs.

My 3 year old can count from 1 to 10, he knows the animals in French, his colours and can carry on a simple conversation. I’m so proud of him and happy with this program. Leandra is the best! We will do it again next year!

This is the best language program for children!

Will your child be like Ahren?

What makes our French Immersion program so special?

  • Relaxing setting– Let’s leave school at school, ok? While there is structure in our immersion programs, we make learning fun and relaxing. Gone are the desks and chairs. Rather, our classroom set-up is similar to a circle time setting; a relaxing environment where your child is sure to feel at ease.
  • Effective play-based curriculum– Our curriculum is well designed and based on the concept that children learn best through play. How does that help your child? Well, for one, your child will have fun while learning the language. And two, it is designed so that your child naturally continues to make progress term after term, year after year. After all, if he/she isn’t learning, what’s the point again?
  • Age-appropriate activities– While you’d love for your two kids Emily, 7, and Joshua, 2, to learn French, let’s face it, they can’t both learn in the same way. You need age-appropriate materials for each  child so they can both progress based on their age development. We have you covered! That’s why our programs are structured in age groups to make sure that our resources are adapted and that each age group progresses accordingly.
  • Full Immersion Experience– Have you ever had an experience where the teacher would often use English to teach French? I did when I was learning at school. Not here at Language Fun Barbados! Your child will hear French at least 95% of the class duration, if not more. This means your child will quickly start to develop listening comprehension skills and begin to understand simple concepts in French conversation. And when all is said and done, isn’t that the first sign of progress when learning a language?

So what’s the program actually like?

1. Songs – Our songs help to teach the main French expressions. Trust me, there are so catchy your son/daughter will be singing and humming them long after French class is over!

2. Stuffed animals – Your child is sure to love our two furry friends, Minia and Yaroslav. Can you believe even the older kids sometimes bicker over which one gets to be on their team? 

3. Games – Our games reinforce the learning concepts and are easy to play. They will help your child improve his/her listening and concentration skills, while still having fun!

4. Flashcards and Props – By using images and toys, we teach vocabulary to your child without relying on ineffective translation methods like at school. Plus it’s a lot more fun to have toys in the class!

5. Work Cards – Our work cards are a fun way to revise the language concepts and something for your child to take home and show what concept they’ve been learning.

So, you now have a decision to make!

Here are the options:

A: Would you rather spend 2 hours on Google looking for French lessons for kids, spending another hour looking for images and printing them only to find out the lesson isn’t successful and your child just isn’t enjoying it (and that’s just for 1 or 2 lessons!)?


B: Would you prefer to hand it over to a teacher who is passionate and specifically experienced in teaching French to young children, with a program where your child will have lots of fun and look forward to each class, actually learn French and keep progressing term after term?

The ball is in your court. What will you choose?

Here are our program options

Early Bird Registration– Register and pay in full by Saturday, 31st August to get 10% off term fees!

Papillon ($250)

30 mins per week

Class Times

  • Mondays 9:30 a.m
  • Saturdays 8:15 a.m

Etoile ($270)

45 mins per week

Class Times

  • Saturdays 9 a.m
  • Saturdays 10 a.m
  • Saturdays 11 a.m (Level II*)

Soleil ($270)

50 mins per week

Class Times

  • Saturdays 12 p.m (Level II*)
  • Tuesdays 3:45 p.m
  • Wednesdays 3:45 p.m

Abeille ($300)

60 mins per week

Class Times

  • Mondays 3:45 p.m (Level II*)
  • Tuesdays 4:45 p.m

Note: Term 1 (10 weeks long) begins on Saturday, 28th September, 2019.

* Level II class times are for previous students re-enrolling and children with previous French exposure (even if only briefly). 

Location: Oxnards Heights, St. James (Near to the NCF (National Cultural Foundation). Approx. 6 mins from Warrens, 3 mins from U.W.I). Exact directions will be sent closer to the start of the term.

For the Toddler class (Papillon), your child must be 18 months by September.
For the Preschooler class (Etoile), your child must be at least 2.5 years old by September.
For the Kindergartener class (Soleil), your child must be 5 years old by September.
For the Elementary class (Abeille), your child must be 7 years old by September.

If they won’t be that age by September, you can sign them up for the age group just under.

Note: It is important to note that each child develops differently. If your child will be the required age soon after September or you think that he/she is developmentally capable of being in an older group, please send an email to info@languagefunbarbados.com so we can discuss it and find the most suitable group for your child.

There will be a set of activity sheets/workbook to be purchased for the preschooler, kindergarten and elementary groups.

 One-time cost for Workcards ($24) for Etoile and Soleil groups. The workbook for the Abeille group costs $30. All of these materials last two years of the program.


Note: These stay with the tutor until used in class.

The immersion program is offered over the academic year, broken down into 3 terms (10 weeks long), similar to the local school system. While you are not required to enrol for all 3 terms, it is important to know that language learning and mastery is an ongoing process that requires consistency.

Each class takes place once per week for the duration of the term.

Your child will not receive formal assessments with grades. However, his/her knowledge will be ‘tested’ using class activities and games. In the Toddler and Preschooler classes, you will be present and will be able to see first hand how your child is getting along in classes. For the older classes (Kindergarten and Elementary), you will be invited to sit in on the last class of each term to see your child participating in class.

Who’s behind this operation?

Meet Leandra

Hi there. I’m Leandra, founder and teacher at Language Fun Barbados.

After my first term at secondary school, I told my mum I hated French and I couldn’t wait to drop the subject. Fast forward, more than 15 years later and I live, eat and breathe everything French. What changed? I had an amazing teacher in my second year of school: she spoke to us completely in French and did many fun activities. French was no longer a boring and difficult subject for me.

I want to be this teacher for your child.
I’ve seen the huge benefits learning French has brought me personally, from the work abroad experiences to the amazing people I’ve met, to a culture I’ve come to love and experience. I want the same for your child. I want these amazing opportunities for your child as he or she grows older.

This love of French propelled me to continue my studies in the language here in Barbados. After my university studies, I had the amazing experience of living and working for the French Ministry of Education at two secondary schools in the French Island of Martinique for 8 months. Since returning to Barbados, I’ve taught at a secondary institution, a private academic institution, the Alliance Française and privately.

In 2017, I founded Language Fun Barbados and was able to marry two of my passions: French education and children. Since founding Language Fun Barbados, I’ve taught approximately 50 kids. It is my PASSION and I truly enjoy teaching them and making a difference in their future.

I hope to have the priviledge of teaching your child. J’espère avoir le privilège d’enseigner votre enfant.

Meet Judith

Hi, I’m Judith and I recently joined Language Fun Barbados in 2019. Apart from being Leandra’s mum, I’m here to ensure your administrative experience at Language Fun Barbados is smooth sailing and an easy, enjoyable process. I’ll take care of registration, invoicing and communicating with you regarding class details and general events going on at LFB.

Unfortunately, I don’t speak French, unless you consider a butchered “Bonjour” as speaking French. However, I’m surely starting to pick up some words here and there. Better late than never, right?

Self praise is no praise. Listen as other parents toot our horn

The use of props, songs and physical interaction during the class was well used and liked by not only my daughter but the entire class. This helped to maintain her attention span, as much as you can with a 3 year old!

Our daughter has grown to like the class and often starts talking about the songs or repeats in French what she has learned over the months. The fact that it comes from her, without being prompted, shows me that not only she has enjoyed herself, but she has also learned a lot in a fun and memorable way.

Nathalie Ferguson - Mother of a 3 year old

Nathan enjoys the class. I think one of the best things about it is that it is more like being in playgroup vs a classroom. He gets to play but learn something at the same time. I have also noted that he spontaneously uses French words at home. One example is an evening when we were driving along and passed some cows grazing, he excitedly exclaimed "Look mummy, la vache

I would recommend Language Fun Barbados to anyone who wants their child to learn a second language. Auntie Leandra does an excellent job!

Asha Drakes - Mother of a 3 year old

From my very first contact with Leandra, I felt comfortable that French immersion for my children; with her; would be a worthwhile decision. It has NOT been regretted!

Leandra's enthusiasm and passion for what she does is evident. Given these two characteristics, I believed that my children could learn well from her and thus did not have any reservations about enrolling them.

My son and daughter look forward to their sessions with Aunty Leandra! Each session is very practical and builds on the previous one in highly interactive and fun ways. I love how child-centred Language Fun Barbados is in its approach to French immersion!

Sasha Gill - Mother of a 6 and a 9 year old

Max has done so well in the program . He has loved learning French. I love how the program is done through play and engaging songs and games.

We sat in at the end of his first term on a class that all of the parents were invited to and it was so great to observe all of the children being immersed in the language. Mrs. King speaks to them in complete French...for the entire duration of the hour, which is something that I can’t give them at home when I’m teaching them French, so I really appreciate that about the class.

And in general, I’ve just found Leandra to be a very attentive and caring teacher, she’s gone out of her way to make sure that Max is comfortable in the class.

Melanie Ryttersgaard - Mother of a 4 year old

Still have some reservations?
Do you have any of the questions below?

This is a natural concern many parents may have. You want to make sure that you don’t do anything to hamper your child’s progress and development in his own native language, right?

However, studies have shown that the earlier a child learns a language, the better it is for him. Your child’s brain is so beautifully wired and designed to be able to assimilate more than one language and distinguish between different phonetic sounds, even from a young age. While a bilingual child may switch vocabulary in the languages (eg. using a few French words while speaking English), he’s not confused. He’s displaying a phenomenon known as Code switching, which is completely normal and even happens to adults who speak more than one language (happens to me as well!)

When some people think about French, they automatically think of France in Europe. But did you know that French is widespread and is the only language besides English spoken on all 5 continents?

Also, let’s not forget the many opportunities available in nearby Canada in North America due to knowing the French language. You will have an asset and an edge above others when it comes to employment in Canada, for example.

Besides the career and study abroad opportunities, having another language is an asset and the diverse Francophone culture is one to be explored.

We understand that you might be worried about your child learning too many languages. But, it will actually be easier for him to pick up others because of already knowing/learning one foreign language. His brain is already accustomed to processing a language and will therefore NOT find it challenging to learn another one.

If you see your child “mix up the languages”, as some parents might call it, please don’t be alarmed. It is completely natural for bilingual children and to be expected. Your child is doing what is called Code Switching.

We will send updates via the communication app of new vocabulary introduced. You might also be given simple FUNwork tasks to do with your child which might involve listening to a song, watching a video clip, doing a worksheet from time to time.

You’re a busy mum or dad. After a hard day at work, dealing with housework, taking the kids back and forth to school and to all of their extra curricular activities, helping with homework and dealing with a gazillion other ‘parent stuff’,  you’re fatigué, épuisé, exténué….Vous voyez ce que je veux dire.

You keep promising yourself you’ll do some French with your child one of these days, “quand vous aurez le temps” ...You and I both know what happens. Sadly, that time hardly ever comes. Then, your little one has missed out on that crucial learning period at a young age when language learning comes easy and can be fun.

Don’t be ashamed or feel bad about it though as it has happened to several native speaking parents raising their kids in a foreign country. Now's the time to recover from that mistake and get your child on the right track. That’s where I come in! I have experience, specifically in teaching French to young children and a program designed to make it a fun, enjoyable experience.

I’ve already taught several kids who have a native French-speaking parent. As a matter of fact, here’s what one of them had to say:

“We anticipated two issues. The first one, the ability for a 3 year old’s interest to be kept for the entire session. Secondly, as a French Native, I was fearing the level of French ( particularly the accent) displayed by the teacher not to be fantastic. 

I am pleased to say that I was wrong on both accounts...

In regards to the language itself. Leandra showed quality and accuracy in her French. Her French accent is spot on and the vocabulary used in class is totally adapted to the age group she is teaching. She has displayed excellent knowledge and use of the French language. We wanted our daughter to be in a French environment on a regular basis and for her to see that learning a different language can be fun.”

Nathalie Ferguson- Mother of a 3 year old

Not at all. This program is designed so that beginners can easily follow and start learning right away. No previous exposure to the French language is necessary.

You must be so excited and nervous at the same time! Just the other day, you held your little boy or girl for the first time and now he/she is growing up, faster than you had imagined; about to enter big boy/big girl’s school for the first time.

You’re probably slightly concerned that enrolling him/her in the French program will be too much to handle. After all, he/she now has to adjust to a new structure of school which is already a big transition of its own and then French on top of that?

Your concerns are normal. I had one parent email me her concerns about this in the past and she decided to enrol her daughter. Despite her initial reservations, she later wrote back to me to tell me she was happy that she didn’t wait since her daughter had settled into the program quite well.

In any case, you will be present in this class, so you won't have to worry about your preschooler having separation anxiety.

In addition, our 3 - 5 year old programs are purposely scheduled on Saturday mornings instead of after-school, so that your young child won’t have too much added to an already long and tiring school day.

While our focus is on French immersion right now, we'd eventually like to introduce a Spanish Immersion Program for children following our same fun, interactive approach.

Would you like to get details about this when it launches? Get in touch with us (info@languagefunbarbados.com) indicating your interest.

No worries. You can reach out to Judith at info@languagefunbarbados.com or contact Leandra at 251-5539 or leandra@languagefunbarbados.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

More love notes from our parents

Signing up with LANGUAGE FUN BARBADOS is a decision we will forever treasure!

Our son attends the 3-5 age group French programme at LANGUAGE FUN BARBADOS. He absolutely enjoys it! Whenever he whines about going to school on a Monday, he always says BUT I want to go to French with Auntie Leandra.

With my training as a Teacher, I say unreservedly: the programme is amazing! It is well structured and sessions are highly organised. The creative and fun approach used to teach our kids a new language is unique and admirable. It is VALUE for money! As parents we are kept informed of the curriculum each term and provided with updates on class activities. We also get to see our little ones in action at the end of each term.

Tassiea Bryan- Mother of a 5 year old

Alisa really enjoys your classes! The last 2 weeks she was asking every morning, is it Saturday? To be honest, I was thinking she is looking forward to the weekend, not to go to school. But then I asked her why she is asking and she told me not to miss the class with you! For us it is the best evaluation of any teacher! But for Alisa you became not just a teacher, but a friend! Thank you for your love to the French language and our kids!

Tetiana Hliebova - Mother of a 5 year old


If at the end of Week 4 of Term 1 and you find that the program is not effective for your child, you will be reimbursed for the unused classes remaining in the term. Simply write us an email to let us know your son or daughter will be withdrawing because the class was not effective for him/her and the portion of money for the rest of the term will be refunded to you by cheque.* 

We stand behind the quality of our programs but  recognise that they might not be your child’s cup of tea. After all, our students’ satisfaction and enjoyment brings us satisfaction and enjoyment. 

*Please note, that you won’t be allowed to re-enter the program at a later time if you choose this option to withdraw during the term since you would have occupied the space of another potential student.

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